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Bad Astronomy

This Blog is what brought us together for this common purpose. Thank you Dr. Plait, and hopefully the world will thank you as well.


Many of us speak about the James Randi Educational Foundation. What is it?


Why do people listen to these folks?

For some reason celebrities have a grip on us. Even though they are in no way what so ever qualified to talk about some subjects, people still listen to them and take their words for gospel. It's like they want an auto mechanic doing brain surgery, or a brain surgeon fixing their electronic fuel injection. Things get embarrassing pretty quickly when you are talking about or doing things which you have no idea about. Celebrities however seem immune from the requirement for competence, even on a basic level. They get a free pass...


Now, one of the places that a lot of this pro-disease anti-vax noise is coming from is the Huffington Post (proving that woo and delusions know no political boundaries). So a good man who goes by IVAN3MAN happened upon this:


From the Huffington Post article:


Every 20 minutes, a child is diagnosed with autism. In a study of select populations around the United States, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that one in 150 children has the condition. According to the Autism Society of America, this is the fastest growing developmental disability with a 10-17% annual growth rate."

At Least 11% of American Women Smoke During Pregnancy


The negative effects of nicotine exposure to their fetuses and newborns are significant.


Huffington Post:
Throughout Healing and Preventing Autism, Jenny passionately reminds us that she and her dedicated army of advocates for autism are in this for the long haul:



Thousands of parents, like me, have learned so much and the only reason we won't shut up is to teach YOU, so you don't have to walk in our shoes. Dr. Jerry and I want to arm parents with all the tools and information necessary to have the healthiest baby you can. The next generation of kids is counting on it!"


Jenny McCarthy SMOKING!
Jenny McCarthy SMOKING!




Jenny McCarthy SMOKING!


Make of that what you will. And this is the lady that likes to inject one of the most deadly neurotoxins into her face, but thinks vaccines are bad... Wow... Just wow!




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